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Current Price List July 2018




Children should wear the correct uniform and have it CLEARLY MARKED with their name.  On the occasions when students are unable to wear the correct uniform, a note of explanation from the parent/guardian is required.  Students are encouraged to maintain a well-groomed appearance at all times.  For aesthetic and health reasons, hair should be kept neat and where appropriate tied back.

Hairstyles and coloursw should be age appropriate and suitable for their current status as a primary school student.  Headbands, scrunchies, elastics, hair pins and ribbons are permitted, but should be in the school colours.  It is not appropriate for primary age students to wear make-up or nail polish at school.


The safety of each student is of the utmost importance and therefore care must be taken to ensure that any jewellery worn is of a nature that will not endanger the child or any other person or property.


Therefore, we, the staff of St. Brigid's School, in accordance with guildelines from the Catholic Education Office, the Directorate of School Education, have set down the following guidelines concerning the wearing of jewellery at school.

The only acceptable jewellery to be worn by any student, are earrings (studs or sleepers only) and a watch.  Rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, chains and dangling earrings etc. are not acceptable due to the safety risk involved, particularly during Physical Education, recess and lunch times.



Uniform is compulsory - Sports, Winter, Summer.  All clothing is to be named. Name tapes are available from the Uniform Shop.




Grey Trousers                        
Gold Long Sleeve Polo Shirt                                                                        
Windcheater or Long Sleeve Polar Fleece with School Logo
Polar Fleece Vest ~ Optional
Grey Socks and Black Shoes/boots 
         SUMMER Gold/Green Polo Shirt
Grey Shorts 
School Hat (compulsory Terms 1 & 4) 


            WINTER              Gold Skivvy or Gold Long Sleeve Polo Shirt                                                     
Green Kilt or Slacks 
Windcheater or Long Sleeve Polar Fleece with School Logo
Polar Fleece Vest ~ Optional 
Green, Black or Navy Tights or Long Socks with Blacks Shoes/Boot
        SUMMER  Green and White Checked Dress
 White or Green Socks
 School Hat (compulsory Terms 1 & 4)


        Boys & Girls          Green Bomber Jacket (optional everyday wear)  
          SUMMER Gold/Green Short Sleev Polo Shirt
  Green Long Legged Shorts
  White Socks & Runners 
  All Girls Prep - 6:  Bottle Green Netball Skirt and Green Sports Knickers 
  School Hat 
         WINTER  Green Tracksuit
   Shorts and T-shirt may be worn under Tracksuit (if preferred)

Please note that runners are only to be worn with sports uniform.  The school hat is compulsory for all outside activities during Terms 1 and 4.



All children are to have an art smock or shirt to wear over their uniform during art periods. They also require a small protective library bag.