St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community

Date Implemented: March 2018


Version 0.1

Date of Next Review: Dec 2020

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower our students to reach their potential and make a positive contribution to the contemporary world as they live out the Gospel.



Student leadership at St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in the decision-making processes at our school.  Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in an endeavour to increase their own leadership skills and to act as effective role models for the student body. We aim to enhance student leadership capabilities through a range learning opportunities offered in a supportive environment. Having effective student leaders supports the development of responsible behaviours and a positive school culture.

Our school believes encouraging student leadership ensures we are developing our community leaders of the future.


 To provide opportunities for students to play a significant and effective role in the decision-making processes of our school

  • To provide an opportunity for students to become skilled in all aspects of leadership
  • To ensure that student leaders are positive role models for other students
  • To create a whole school community where every member feels their contribution is valuable


Essential Criteria:

 Students who hold leadership positions must demonstrate the following consistently:

  • Initiative and leadership
  • Ability to speak in public
  • A commitment to attending and participating in school and community events which may fall outside normal school hours. Anzac Day, Festival Parade and other events that may arise
  • Ability to maintain academic work to the best of their ability
  • Maintain expected behaviour at school and when representing the school
  • Demonstrate school spirit and pride


 Selection Procedure

 Each year the Year 5 students participate in a Leadership unit in preparation for representing our school as Year 6 students

  • Students learn about the traits of good leaders, what it means to be a leader at St. Brigid’s and what they can do to make a difference to our school and community
  • As part of the leadership unit all Year Five students will be required to write a speech, regardless of whether they apply for a leadership position or not
  • These speeches will be recorded when the students present them to their peers using set criteria for assessment purposes
  • The student leadership structure may change from year to year depending on the focus of the school and the student numbers
  • Students who wish to nominate themselves as a potential school leader will make an application to the Principal and the St Brigid’s School Leadership Team ( see appendix 1 for a copy of application)
  • The application requires consent and signatures from the applicant’s parents/careers
  • The Principal and/or Deputy Principal give approval for applicants to proceed to the next step
  • Successful applicants are then expected to deliver their speech to the school community
  • After candidates deliver their speeches, each class is given a list of those running for leadership positions to record their votes
  • Students from Years three, four and five vote individually
  • Junior school students vote as a home room group
  • All staff and a nominated School Board member also vote
  • Votes are counted, by two members of the school leadership team, with the results remaining confidential
  • Results are taken to the staff for consideration and consultation
  • Principal announces the new Captains after successful students and their parents have been notified
  • School community is then informed through a variety of mediums
  • New student leaders are presented to the community and given their badges at the End of Year Mass


Contractual Agreement:

 In the event of misrepresentation or inappropriate behaviour by a student leader, the Principal or Deputy Principal, in consultation with the School Leadership team, has the right to ask the leader to step down from their role for a time deemed appropriate

  • In the event of serious misrepresentation or breach of the essential criteria, the Principal or Deputy Principal, in consultation with the School Leadership team the right to revoke the leadership role
  • It is the responsibility of the Principal /Deputy Principal to inform their parents of this decision

On acceptance of a leadership position a Contractual Agreement, will be signed by the successful candidates and their parents/caregivers.


Policy review

 Staff, students and the School Board will review this policy in 2020.






Appendix 1

Reason for Application


Personal qualities

(e.g. persistence)



How have I represented the school so far?

(e.g. ANZAC Day March, School Commissioning Mass)





How have I shown leadership qualities already?



How can I make a difference?




Why do you think your child would make a good leader of St. Brigid’s



What support can you provide your child and the school?



Student Signature



Parent(s) Signature