St Brigid's is now a water only school.

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6 July 2017

St Brigid’s Primary School in Gisborne has become the region’s first ‘Water Only School’, keeping students healthier and helping the environment.

Macedon MP Mary-Anne Thomas joined Western Water Chair Terry Larkins, teachers and students to officially launch St Brigid’s Water Only School program last week.

The Water Only School concept involves ensuring students have easy access to drinking water, removing sugary drinks from canteen and lunch order options, and encouraging the wider school community to choose tap water as the best option for hydration.

Western Water has installed a new drinking fountain at St Brigid’s and provided all students and teachers with a reusable drink bottle to make it even easier to choose tap water over sugary drinks.

Staff, parents and carers are being encouraged to become role models by not bringing sugary drinks to school and making tap water their choice of drink.

The Water Only Schools concept has already been successfully rolled out to some schools in the Goulburn Valley and Geelong regions.

Ms Thomas says there is plenty of evidence that sugary drinks are a major contributor to health problems in children, in particular, obesity and tooth decay.

“Keeping hydrated with tap water helps with concentration and performance, and means fewer plastic bottles going to landfill," she says.

“Becoming a Water Only School creates an environment where it’s easy to choose the healthier option, setting students up for a healthier lifestyle into the future.”

Western Water's Chair, Terry Larkins, says: "We are pleased to support St Brigid’s with a new drinking fountain and Choose Tap bottles to help the whole school community make better choices when it comes to drinks.”