St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community

System Update: Nov 2017


Version 0.1

Date of Next Review: Nov 2019



St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community is committed to providing a safe environment for all students and young people and will take active steps to protect them against abuse. To achieve this the school has developed and actively enforces Child Safety Strategies to ensure that any person involved in ‘child connected work’ is aware of their obligations & responsibilities for ensuring the safety of all children under their care.

In accordance with requirements of the Victorian Government’s Ministerial Order No 870, St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community maintains a culture of ‘no tolerance’ to child abuse. To achieve this it has established a holistic Child Safety Strategy incorporating the processes, policies & procedures listed below.

St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community Child safety Strategy includes, but is not limited to the:

Establishment of strategies for embedding a culture of child safety at the school;
Maintenance & communication of a policy affirming the school’s commitment to child safety and the promotion of an environment where children feel respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential;
Maintenance & implementation of a Child Safety Code of Conduct;
Established processes for screening, supervision, training, and other human resource practices to reduce the risk of child abuse & promote a child safe learning environment;
Maintenance & Communication of procedures for responding to and reporting child safety complaints, suspected abuse, disclosures or breaches of the Child Safety Code of Conduct.
Risk Management strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse
Maintenance of strategies to promote student participation & empowerment in creating an environment where they feel respected, valued and are capable of reaching their full potential.


St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community Child Safety Standards apply to any individual employed by the school, employed under contract, volunteers or contracted service providers. Failure to comply with any aspect of the school’s Child Safety Standards may result in criminal proceedings in accordance with the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (Vic.), the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic.) and the recommendations of the Betrayal of Trust Report 2013.

Our School’s Commitment to Ensuring Child Safety

All students enrolled at St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community have the right to feel safe. The wellbeing of students will always be our school’s first priority. The school aims to create a child-safe environment where children feel valued & respected by committing to the following arrangements for students, parents, carers, staff members, clergy, volunteers and contractors.

Our Commitment to our Students

» We commit to the safety and well-being of all students & young people enrolled in our school.

» We commit to providing students & young people with positive and nurturing experiences.

» We commit to listening to students & young people and empowering them by taking their views seriously and addressing any concerns that they raise with us.

» We commit to taking action to ensure that students & young people are protected from abuse or harm.

» We commit to teaching students & young people the necessary skills and knowledge to understand and maintain their personal safety and wellbeing.

» We commit to seeking input and feedback from students & young people regarding the creation of a safe school environment.

Our Commitment to Parents and Carers

» We commit to communicating honestly and openly with parents and carers about the wellbeing and safety of their children.

» We commit to engaging with, and listening to, the views of parents and carers about our child-safety practice, policies and procedures.

» We commit to transparency in our decision-making with parents and carers where it will not compromise the safety of children or young people.

» We commit to acknowledging the cultural diversity of students and families and being sensitive to how this may impact on student safety issues.

» We commit to continuously reviewing and improving our systems to protect children from abuse.

Our Commitment to our School Employees, Clergy, CRTs, Volunteers & Contractors

We commit to providing all staff members, clergy, casual relief teachers (CRTs), volunteers & contractors with the necessary support to enable them to fulfil their roles.

This will include regular and appropriate learning opportunities.
We commit to providing regular opportunities to clarify and confirm policy and procedures in relation to child safety and the protection of students and young people.

This will include regular briefings & annual training in the principles and intent of the Child Safety Policy and Child Safety Code of Conduct, and staff responsibilities to report concerns.
We commit to listening to all concerns voiced by staff members, students, caregiver’s clergy, volunteers, and contractors about keeping children and young people safe from harm.
We commit to providing adequate resources to support staff members, clergy, CRTs, volunteers & contractors meet and exceed their Child Safety obligations.
We commit to appointing a ‘Child Safety Officer’, to further promote child safety and support all members of the school community to understand, meet and exceed their Child Safety obligations.
We commit to providing support to any member of the school community who reports a child safety complaint, suspected abuse, disclosure or breaches of the Child Safety Code of Conduct.
We commit to providing opportunities for staff members, clergy, CRTs, volunteers & contractors to receive formal debriefing and counselling arising from incidents of the abuse of a child or young person.

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